About This Property.

This outdoor space can be transformed into a versatile area for classes, content creation, and shoots by incorporating a few key elements. It has a wall mirror that is for dancers, gymnasts, or fitness enthusiasts to practice their movements. Smooth parking tiles are installed to create a flat, stable surface for movement. A garden area can be incorporated to provide a natural backdrop for content creation and photography. The garden can also be designed to include elements such as balance beams or other gymnastics equipment for fitness classes or shoots. Additionally, seating areas and lighting can be added to make the space comfortable and functional for a variety of uses.


  • WIFI/Internet
  • No Smoking
  • Mirror
  • Car parking
  • Washroom
  • CC surveillance cameras

Property Tags.

  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Reels
  • Youtube content
  • Practices

Do’s & Don’ts.

Smoking allowed: NO
Pets allowed: NO
Children allowed: YES

*Any violation will be strictly dealt with & neither the host nor GetYoSpace takes responsibility for any untoward outcome.
*Any damage caused in this space by the user, will be accounted either monetry grounds paying the replacement/damage costs or any other acc. to the subject of damage and will directly be dealt with the owner/host of this space.
*By booking this studio, guests automatically consent to our terms to not use it for any illegal or anti-social activity that disrespects the host or the space.

200 per hour

including taxes*
Guests : 1 - 8

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